Cipier is FreeBSD Continuous Integration Framework for GitHub.


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Click here to start using cipier with your GitHub projects.

How it works?

After you've been authorized by GitHub OAuth it will synchronize your repositories localy with read-only permission and then you will be able to force builds for every commit with the available FreeBSD versions. To start the build process the continuous integration framework uses Makefile.cipier file which should be create according FreeBSD Porter's Handbook in the main directory of the project. 'PORTVERSION' variable will be automatically replaced by the system with the chosen commit version during the compilation. Once you are logged in you can synchronize the repositories manually and force builds or you can configure Webhook in your GitHub project web page and GitHub will trigger builds in the framework with configured FreeBSD versions.

Quick start:

# git clone
# cd project/
# vim Makefile.cipier[1] [2]
# git add Makefile.cipier
# git commit Makefile.cipier -m "Test build with cipier"
# git push origin master

[1] - use this tutorial as a reference.
[2] - use this as an example.

FreeBSD Ports Status:

List of FreeBSD Ports tested with Cipier and their Makefiles.

Contacts: Nikola Kolev,